So… Why Pay For A Date?

Pay For A Date represents the system designed around our members to enjoy the benefits of dating without sacrificing the high standards and quality we set for ourselves. The name reflects our service – there are no membership fees, no subscription costs, and only if two members are interested in meeting each other will one member Pay For A Date.


How Does It Work?

Let’s say a user (Jack) finds another member of the site (Jill) attractive and wishes to ask them on a date. Jack clicks a button asking Jill for a date, and once Jill has read Jack’s profile can decide whether to accept. If Jill agrees then Jack pays a fee to unlock messaging and organize the date. If the date does not take place for whatever reason then the fee is credited back into Jack’s account. If the date does take place then 30 days after the fee was paid a portion of that amount is paid to Jill as a token of gratitude for saying ‘Yes’ and to thank them for their time.

This approach removes the need to send or receive countless messages as messages are only sent by two members who have already expressed interest in each other, and the act of paying a fee to date a specific member shows serious intent which helps eliminate those seeking casual chat with no desire to date.


How Can You Tell If A Date Has Occurred?

Our messaging platform blocks contact details (telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.) from being shared, and we ask that all communication be kept within the messaging platform with no attempt to communicate outside it until after you meet. We also ask that a photo be taken as proof both as a form of memory for yourselves but to also act as evidence should a dispute occur.


What are the fees?

The fee to unlock messaging and organize the date is £2.99, and of that fee we will pay £1.49 to the member who has been asked out.

There are no joining or subscription fees, and if you wished you could pay £7.99 to receive 6 months as a Featured Member with more opportunities to be seen by potential partners. We also offer virtual gifts to be sent to members you are already communicating with for £0.49 each.


Do you allow escorts?

No. We regularly review profiles to ensure our site is a safe environment that reflects the high standards expected of both Pay For A Date and our members. For this reason we have a ‘No Tolerance’ policy for the sale of such services and any member attempting to escort on this site will have their account terminated indefinitely.


The date didn’t take place. Can I have a refund?

Firstly we are very sorry to hear that a date didn’t take place – our purpose is to create quality human connections among our members and enable the joy of the dating experience to take place.
If a date didn’t occur for whatever reason you are entitled to have the fee credited back into your account. Please contact us and we will arrange this
If the other member states that the date did take place then it will be logged as a dispute and we will review the matter. For this reason we recommend keeping all messaging on this website until after the date and to take a picture as proof.


Is this site right for me?

With thousands of websites available to support online dating one question you might ask is why use Pay For A Date?

The reasons are plentiful and include:


  • Free Membership
  • No Subscription Fees
  • Quality dating tailored to you


Pay For A Date was designed to give a voice to those with a serious intent to date, while enabling those requested for dates to be provided a level of quality that underlines the high standards we should set for ourselves.
For this reason the age of sending or receiving countless messages is over, and messaging that does take place are done so with the intent to date in mind – if a member has paid for the privilege of speaking with another to go on a date with this is a reflection of their own character and interest in a specific individual.
Our success is built around yours, and the only fee we ask you to pay is that when you are arranging to go on a date.
In addition you might be asked out on a date, and in this case there are no fees to pay should you accept the request. In addition to help promote dates we will provide you a small token payment of £1.49 to thank you for your time, to add to the enjoyment of the date itself.

So to answer the question:

If you have recently come out of a long-term relationship and are looking to return to the dating scene without the pressure of romance or fear of being used, then Pay For A Date is for you.
If you are new to the dating scene and possess the qualities that would make you the ideal partner but lack the experience or opportunity to show this, then Pay For A Date is for you.

If you are tired of sending and receiving countless messages, and want quality, not quantity, to be the measure of success then Pay For A Date is for you.